Bio security breaches are a major risk, whether it be financial, legislative, or reputational. Under the Bio security Act both Company and Landholders have a ‘general bio security obligation’ and must take all reasonable and practical steps to prevent or minimise the likelihood of causing a ‘bio security event’. The Northern Development Area (NDA) has binding land access rules, which include:

Wash downs en route to each property that hosts Company infrastructure
Only allow ‘3rd Party Wash Downs’ en route to the property

There are significant benefits in locating a wash bay facility within the new hub of the NDA. Key drivers have been identified below:

Meeting the weed and seed legislative requirements
Meeting Environmental Approval requirements
Ensuring an acceptable wastewater discharge quality

Reduced travel distances limiting driver fatigue
Safer facilities where reduced manual labour is achieved through automation where appropriate
Better management and control of wash down activities

Role: Project Manager (Client Side)

Value: $4M AUD